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What should you look before buying a new Office chair?

by Neha Satardekar |January 17, 2019 | Office Chair

Different Questions in Mind before buying new office chairs

When you think about buying a new office chair, there are many questions which comes in your mind like-

  • what all things we need to consider before buying a new office chair?
  • what the budget should be?
  • which is the best shop or showroom to buy a new office chair and so on.

But the most important thing that we need to keep in mind is, we sit in an office chair for long hours. So the chair should be comfortable enough to support our back and help us to keep going throughout the day. 

Panam project chair

Important tips to buy a new office chair

I would like to share a few important tips to buy a new office chair. Below are the listed tips:

  • Provides Spine support– which supports your lower back and you don’t end up slouching in your office chairs.
  • Adjustable seat height– you don’t have to fit yourself in a chair which does not meet your need. Adjustable seat height feature can help your feet to touch the ground which interns provide comfort on an office chair.
  • Adjustable Back height– Back height adjustments allow you to adjust the back of your office chair to the right height so that you get the proper spine support that you need.
  • An adjustable upholstered arm of a chair– It allows you to move your armrest up or down or side to side.
  • Provides seat depth– It allows you to sit comfortably on office chair which in turns helps you to have enough space to sit on the chair and also comforts back of your knees rest comfortably against the edge of the seat.
  • Strong structure of the chair: It’s should have a strong body structure of the chair made with metal or wood
  • Long-lasting: It should be value for money.

Panam Project in Ahmedabad supports you:

Panam Project has the ability to fulfill your requirement as it is the manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Buying product direct from the manufacturer saves the money and also get the opportunity of vide rage, variety, and colour too. We are well known for our quality and services as we don’t compromise in quality. Panam Project, the manufacturer of office furniture designer in Ahmedabad inspects the market and provides chair products as per the changing environment. It takes pride in offering for world-class modern, comfortable and classic office chairs that will change the whole outlook of the office. We want our customers to be delighted and so we are ready to Support you in developing your beautiful space.

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