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Top stories for Ahmedabad Furniture Manufacturers

by Prachi Satardekar |April 17, 2019 | Blogs, Modular Furniture

Top stories for Ahmedabad furniture manufacturers

It’s time for Ahmedabad furniture manufacturers to celebrate.

The furniture market in India is increasing rapidly. A recently published report by Techsci research shows that the country’s furniture market is projected to cross USD 32 billion by 2019 (this is a massive hit ).

The reasons for such a speedy growth are- an increase in excessive income, wider middle-class belt and burgeoning number of an urban household. This move will definitely flourish the Ahmedabad furniture market and bring in great trade opportunities.

With this, the intended rise in tourism and hospitality sectors will bring trigger to the furniture demand in the country throughout 2019.

It won’t be a surprise that Western and Southern region would still continue to be the leading revenue generators because of the expanding distribution network of manufacturers in these regions. States like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab are the leading suppliers of wood, which is mostly used as a raw material in the furniture market. These ties are also connected with Ahmedabad furniture manufacturers.



The rise of the furniture market

The wooden furniture is expected to hit the charts and rule the Indian furniture market. Home furniture market is set to witness the fastest growth over the next five years, followed by office and institutional segments.

Major big players will grab attention and outperform because of the diversity in products, the expanding distribution network, and exclusive outlets.

A trend has started in the market where an increasing number of domestic manufacturers are collaborating into tie-ups with foreign manufacturers so that they can implement and improve product design and quality. Many furniture showrooms in Ahmedabad have tied up and built a relationship with international markets for better products and price range.

This sudden increase is due to an increase in employment opportunities which in turn have raised the purchasing power for every individual. Now-a-days people are ready to pay premium amount just to own the brand or quality products.


Source-spacious office

Blame it on social media or brand awareness; people have become cautious and smart buyers.

A product will only have demand if it fulfills the need of the consumers. It’s important to understand the mindset of the consumer because ultimately we sell the products to real people.

I would like to give a big shout to all the Ahmedabad furniture manufacturers, keep a tab on the market and change as per the needs because being innovative is the key to new opportunities.

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