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Modular Furniture From the Manufacturer Vs Local Carpenter Furniture

by Neha Satardekar |February 16, 2019 | Blogs, Modular Furniture

Trending popularity of modular furniture

The trending popularity of modular furniture in India has gained people’s interest in interior and recreating their space in the modern style and keenly investing their time and money on it. Nowadays, everybody wants to have modular furniture at the office or at home. Nevertheless, they still fail to make a decision that where do they have to go for it as going to a modern furniture showroom or local carpenter is always a topic of discussion. Which has no end? But what is Modular Furniture? Just to give you an idea about the term, what exactly is modular furniture- It is the kind of furniture which can be separated and reassembled back to a number of different variations. It can quickly and easily change, take out the unwanted and outdated layout and revamp it into a design that is more suitable and works friendly at the office premises. On another hand, Local carpenter can provide you with the same type of old furniture look. So before making any decision, you have to consider all the pros and cons of them.

Modular-furniture-vs-carpenter-furnitureBelow are the pros and cons:

Cost: We have a pre-planned budget and plan before recreating our space. Well, a local carpenter can give us the furniture at the lowest price. But the material used may vary depending on our requirement and this can also increase your budget. On the other hand, modular furniture showroom will have a wide range of variety, type, colour and prices too. As the manufacturer will always provide you with the best quality without affecting your pre-planned budget plus the add-on option of custom furniture.

Design: Local Carpenter have fewer options with designs But Modular furniture showroom will have a wide range of variety, type, colour and prices.

Space Utilization: Space utilization is a vital element of modern furniture because custom furniture can be done according to the space you have and will give you a modest look but local carpenters will stick to their traditional design instead of considering space utilization.

Mobility: Local carpenter furniture is not movable or very heavy and bulky too so at the time you have to cut the furniture before moving but this not the case with modern furniture they are easy to move and adjustable.

Time: Modular furniture takes less time to assemble or disassemble. Manufacture also give extra time to customizes product as per the client requirement and work is completed as per the committed time is given to their client. But the local carpenter where time can be changed as per their own convenience than clients.

Panam Projects being one of the Modular furniture manufacturers in Ahmedabad offers you wonderful modular furniture by saving your office costs and space, with a flexible and classic office furniture design in a modular style. We make sure that it will be stunning, worthy as well as very comfortable at the same time. We want our customers to be a delight and so check out our product for an office chair, hotel furniture, conference desk, executive desk, storage and cabinets, and many more Panam Projects. The products come with affordable prices which makes it attractive as well as a smart choice when you are looking for modular furniture in Ahmedabad.

Now say no to confusion!

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