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5 Effortless Tricks to make your office Heartwarming

by Prachi Satardekar |March 23, 2019 | Modular Furniture

5 Effortless Tricks to make your office Heartwarming

We feel great to be home after long and stressful working hours.

And why not? We spend our maximum time in the office (harsh truth).  How great it would be if we could enjoy the comfort of our home in our workplace?

Well, the wish can come true but the question is HOW?

All you need is a little shake-up in your office place.

Here, I have listed below 5 effortless (really simple) tricks to make your office, a more easeful and charming place to work.

1. Build a fascinating system:

Yes, you heard it right! A proper system will help to reduce the clutter and bring in the much-needed freshness. This can be done with creating color-coded files and folders, time-table to check emails, taking short breaks, schedule phone calls, and set an order for the papers lying around-i.e.: file, trash or reuse. Try to create many more options to make the work uncomplicated.

2. Give a touch of Nature:

Bring some beautiful plants to keep them around the desk. Also, add some exclusive stones or seashell to give the earthy look. A fish tank with colorful fishes can also bring the bloom in a dull place.

3. Intensify the space with proper light:

“Light up the darkness” the quote by Bob Marley is true in every sense. It’s important to bring the light in most dull space because it not only brightens but also changes the mood. This, in turn, affects the productivity, behavior and hormonal balance. Whoa! A super change with just some light.

Try to use more natural light (Thank the Sun God) and adjust it with your desk. You can also add some DIY lights to bring your funky vibe on the table.

4. Clean-up baby:



Yes, your mama must have said this a thousand times, but let brings this into action.

Untidiness and dirt can be a great disturbance. It makes you dull and takes away your mind from the task in hand.

Keep your desk clean, clear walls, floors and keep some space between the furniture. The things which are necessary should be kept near and arrange the remaining stuff in another place. Clean up your space by the end of the day, to see a homey and delightful office the next day.

5. Give an artistic look:

Art really has a way to our heart.

Every object has an element which brings harmony and energy.

With that being said- try to match the furniture with curtains,  wall and seating arrangement. Choose the colors that are soothing and will relax you in any situation.

Bring in some modular furniture and a comfortable office chair so that you can work peacefully. Give the desk your touch, so that you feel cared for. Keep photo frames of loved ones; create collage, DIY lamps, funny face pillow or even your favorite cartoon character to set-up your mood apart.



You now have really simple and exceptional tricks to change your office into a paradise.

Remember, we cannot change everything, but we can definitely change ourselves to be a better person. Whether it is home, office or any other place in the world, it should make us happy, and if it doesn’t, we can make our happy place.

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